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Carp Rigs - Carp Fishing Rigs

4.9 usd

Carp Rigs is the Androids and iphones number 1 app for Carp Fishing experts and beginners alike.Featuring the most carp fishing rigs and info of any app on Android.
Now you can tie your rigs on the bank and leave your books and mags at home. Just turn your iphone on and tie your rigs yourself. Saves time and money.
The app shows you how to build various Carp Fishing rigs in clear step by step stages with clear photos and descriptions.
Rigs covered include Zig Rigs, KD Rig, Simple bottom bait rigs, Pop up rig, Chod Rig,blowback rig and much more.
The new lead systems section shows you how to assemble the Helicopter lead system, running lead sys, shocker rig, and semi-fixed lead system.
The new rig picker and lead picker tells you the right rig and lead system to use depending on your situation.
Check out our tackle box section with clear descriptions and photos of what each piece of terminal tackle does and when and how to use it.
New rigs and terminal tackle tips will be added on a monthly basis so the app will continue to grow!